Iconography of Distance… – Probable Temporary Interspace (PTI)_03 – Installation (mockup)
Under the Sign of Fidalusch – tempera, acrylic paint, foil on canvas, 220 cm x 180 cm

For 700 years sent into the distance to search the garden – an opiate soul over silver sea.

Illustration: Decoupling, silkscreen printing – back from Commemorative medal-Leon Battista Albertis, Matteo de Pasti, British Museum, London

Iconography of Distance – Gallery View
Message – stretcher frame, foil, acrylic paint
From their mother‘s womb – silk screen print, acrylic paint on canvas, app. 220 cm x 140 cm
Madonna with Child (3) – pigmentprint on Hahnemühle
Bright Future – pigmentprint on Hahnemühle, with kindly support by Nasa/Esa (edited)