History: Joachim’s Dream

The Manifestation of Volumes

In the Middle Ages, both sides of consciousness – towards the inside of man himself – lay under a common veil, dreaming or wide awake … In Italy this veil first fades into the air; it awakens an objective contemplation and treatment of the nation and of all things of this world in general; next to it, however, the subjective rises with full power; man becomes spiritual individual and recognizes himself as such.

(Jakob Burckhardt)

Around this time the Italian painter Giotto di Bondone created 38 murals in the Capella Scrovegni in Padua (1304 to 1306) with scenes from the lives of St. Joachim and St. Anne, their daughter Mary, and from the life of Jesus Christ. With this work (among others) Giotto is now considered the founder of Renaissance painting and the inventor of virtual space.

… Since then the imagination has been locked up in box rooms. Every contemporary witness knows that he is surrounded by pictures. Pictures are instructions for action. Their story is not yet over…

Arthur Engelbert

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