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volume_Dignity of Man
wall installation, wooden object (flamed), dispersion paint, silkscreen printing (variable sizes), here: 325 cm x 520 cm

…And the terms (taken from the speech Oratio de hominis dignitate / 1486 by Pico della Mirandola) that appear here are substitutes – “what ever form”, “decision”, “what ever place”… for that which opposes us as indeterminacy in principle, which gains meaning only through the use, i.e. the development of a history of becoming, and how we deal with it. On its own, “what ever form” or “decision” or “heaven” or “from their mothers womb” is completely meaningless. Only when you work with it, it gains a kind of evolutionary dignity. It becomes becoming – and when it becomes becoming, it has the decisive power to concentrate on ourselves.

Excerpt from the opening-speech by Bazon Brock – Transnaissance No.1, Andreas Reinsch Project, Berlin

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